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(Pocket-lint) - Restaurant booking service OpenTable has announced it will expand a new pay feature beyond San Francisco today. You will now be able to pay for your meals at restaurants in an additional 20 US cities.

"After a successful mobile payment pilot program in San Francisco, we are pleased to announce that the pay with OpenTable feature is expanding nationally. In addition to the New York City launch, mobile payments will be introduced in 20 additional cities before the year’s end. We also plan to further expand the presence of payments in San Francisco," announced OpenTable through a blog post published on 11 August.

Update the OpenTable for iPhone app to ensure you have access to the new pay feature. You must then add your credit card in order to easily pay for your check at participating restaurants. OpenTable said diners who settle their check via the OpenTable app can simply get up and go whenever they’re finished eating. There's no need to call the waiter over and request a bill or reciept, because everything is confirmed through the app.

Although the pay feature is limited to the US, keep in mind the company acquired a restaurant reservation site in the UK known as TopTable and has operated since then in the country as OpenTable. It's therefore not unreasonable to assume the feature might one day expand internationally, though OpenTable hasn't announced any such plans yet.

You can view a current list of participating restaurants at OpenTable's Pay page.

Writing by Elyse Betters.