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(Pocket-lint) - BitTorrent, otherwise known for P2P file sharing, has launched an app called Bleep for private connections.

The Bleep app aims to offer its users a way to talk and message privately without worrying about snooping. It will work in much the same was as BitTorrent does in order to share files.

Bleep connects people directly without the need for third-party centralised servers which can make snooping possible. The app is aimed at everyone from journalists who want to protect a source or a diplomat that wants private discussions to those who simply value their privacy.

BitTorrent said: "Ultimately, this is a chance to help us build an effective and fun tool for a broad array of use cases: from journalists looking to protect their sources to friends looking to chat free from nosy eavesdroppers."

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Bleep is currently in the early testing phase but is available to anyone who wants to take part by downloading the alpha version of the app. This will help eliminate bugs and refine the user experience.

Bleep is available to download for Windows 7 or Windows 8 only at the moment. More platforms, likely including mobile, will be coming soon.

Data security is becoming a hot issue right now and it's not surprising that a company involved in secure sharing would decide to get involved. How BitTorrent translates into a working chat service isn't clear but it's an exciting prospect.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.