Indiegogo has announced the launch of its app version of the crowd-funding platform on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Indiegogo is the world's largest crowd-funding platform, it says – yes, even bigger than Kickstarter. Although Kickstarter does already have an iPhone app available.

The Indiegogo iPhone app comes after the site traffic doubled in the last year and the brand identity and website were overhauled.

The app allows users to discover new campaigns through recommendations based on past activity and preferred categories. It also lets users claim campaign packs, explore and follow campaign categories, as well as share their favourite ones with friends.

For those running campaigns the app offers quick access features like receiving notifications each time a campaign gets a contribution. Comments can be monitored, updates and photos can be posted, and contributors can be thanked. Custom messages can be sent to phone and Facebook contacts on the phone and the campaign can be promoted on social networks.

Indiegogo hasn't got an Android app yet but it is in development now. The iPhone and iPod Touch Indiegogo app is available to download now for free.

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