Fans of Futurama and even non-fans, this video intro from the cartoon series is stunning. Rendered in 3D with mind-melting detail this has left us gagging for a high-resolution movie of the comedy cartoon show.

Russian animator Alexey Zakharov has uploaded what must have been the result of untold work-hours. The creation is a 32-second video which mimics the Futurama introduction, only with way more detail.

Alexey used plenty of tools to get the end result including 3ds Max, Nuke, Photoshop and After Effects. On his site you can check out the individual renders he made of the Planet Express ship from the show, looking brilliantly dirtied in its detail.

The creation was work for the sake of work and doesn't mean we can look forward to a Futurama film. But seeing it in this state does make us realise a film, in high-res, would be awesome. But after the show was permanently axed last year any more Futurama will come as a big surprise.

Can one man's passion drive enough excitement to raise a show from the dead? We hope so. If not it's a great video on its own merits anyway. Enjoy.

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