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(Pocket-lint) - This brilliant service, easyCar Club, allows anyone to rent a car or van directly from another person via its iPhone app. That means anyone can rent their vehicle out when not using it and actually make money, much like Airbnb successfully does with homes.

According to easyCar Club, owners can earn more than £3,000 per year from their vehicle. While anyone looking for a quick, cheap and convenient rental can do so using the iPhone app.


The peer-to-peer rental service lets people connect directly to rent their vehicle. And the best part is all the insurance is covered by easyCar Club meaning you don't even need to notify your insurer that you're renting the car out. And if anything goes wrong you're covered without having to claim on your insurance.

easyCar Club has been around, as a website only offering, since February where it has had a 40 per cent increase in use every month. The app should make the service even better by allowing users to upload pictures and comments instantly enhancing the rating system and sense of community.

Users can search from the app using their location to find the nearest vehicle available to rent. Now all we need is cars that can be remotely unlocked and key exchanges won't even be needed.

On our local search in London, for a day's use (8am to 8pm), pricing varied from as low as £17 for a Citroen C2 up to £91 for a Ford Transit van.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.