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(Pocket-lint) - If you've got a Lumia Windows Phone smartphone and are wondering whether you should upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1, or Cyan as Microsoft are calling it, then the answer is simple. If you do a lot of typing it is a no brainer.

The new WordFlow Keyboard introduced this time around, not only has better autocorrection capabilities, but you also get a stack of new features. Those include things like the ability to tap to complete a word from a selection of guesses, but also swipe your way through spelling letters.


It's such a leap forward in terms of performance that regardless of all the other features Microsoft has added, this is the one that you will benefit from the most.

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Additionally like keyboards such as SwiftKey on Android, the new Windows Phone 8.1 keyboard will learn your writing tone and evolve to give you better word predictions, so if you use "dawg" and "yo" a lot it won't suggest "top of the morning" to you Something we've already noticed playing with both a beta version of the software on a Lumia 1020 and the soon to be launched Lumia 930.

Of course there is more to the new Windows 8.1 update than just the keyboard including the introduction of Cortana, and the new Action Center that works in a similar way to the notifications Center on iOS and Android.

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So as soon as that update notice comes through on your Lumia or Windows Phone 8 device, stop what you are doing and press upgrade, you won't be disappointed.

Writing by Stuart Miles.