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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook may let you memorialise profiles and create compilation videos after a loved one passes away, but Yahoo in Japan goes a step or two further: it lets you do everything from write a last will to delete all your personal data stored in Yahoo's servers before you die.

Much like Google in the US, Yahoo Japan offers products and online tools for things like auctions, stock prices, and now an opportunity to manage your digital life from the grave. The company launched a service called Yahoo Ending on Tuesday that has a variety of outlandish features, including the ability to send farewell messages to friends, review tips on how to write a last, and create a memorial space or tribute site that'll launch after Yahoo confirms your permission-to-cremate certificate.

Visitors will be able to publish condolences on your tribute site and view things like a biography, video clips, and even an invitation to your funeral. If you don't want any of this and simply want to slip into darkness both physically and digitally, then Yahoo Ending will also let you delete all your personal data from Yahoo Japan's servers. You can disable your digital wallet, for instance, and erase all texts and images saved in Yahoo cloud storage, etc.

“This will prevent one’s important private information from remaining online after one passes," explained Yahoo Ending's promotional site. “If this is your last day of life, are you prepared to leave? Don’t procrastinate thinking that this is still way ahead in the future."

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There's no word yet if Yahoo plans to roll out Yahoo Ending-type features to the rest of the world, but for now the service appears to be one of the most comprehensive ways to self-manage your online life and digital data rather than leaving the troublesome issue to grieving friends and loved ones.

Keep in mind you have to sign up for Yahoo Ending before you actually pass away, and some of the features do require a fee.

Writing by Elyse Betters.