Everyone loves an optical illusion and the 3D gif trend is as clever as they come. Thanks to the introduction of a couple of white bars to suppress the background objects, each of the animations below fools your brain into thinking that the objects breaking those bars is in the foreground. You don't even need 3D glasses to think they are genuinely rendered in 3D.

Some of them are spectacularly successful in bamboozling your mind, such as the one depicting Captain America throwing his shield. It really makes you flinch with every loop of the animation.

Pocket-lint has gathered several 3D gifs from around the internet, our favourites from all time and many more besides for you to oggle and marvel at. If you know of any more that are as fantastic, let us know in the comments below.

Isn't the internet a wonderful place?

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To view each of the gifs, just click through them in our gallery slideshow below...