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(Pocket-lint) - Words? What are those funny-looking things? That's what people will be asking in just a few years, if messaging apps like Emojli or Yo continue to pop up.

Emojli is an upcoming app and social network that features emoji entirely. Your username and all of your messages, for instance, appear as emoji. There is no support for letters or any other type of character. The app doesn't even allow internet-based standards like hashtags, memes, or trolls. Emojli is meant to pare down your communication skills, making it fun and easy to get in contact with friends.

If you want to be optimistic about the whole idea, you could label Emojli as a chat tool that transcends across language barriers. Or you could say it's destroying language as we know it. Either way, the app will launch in late July or early August. And it'll compete directly with an iPhone app called Yo.

Yo became extremely popular earlier this month for its similar ability to help users communicate with minimal effort. Yo lets you send a single message: "Yo". Described as a "single-tap zero character communication tool", the app takes the work out of communicating and basically replaces tedious texts and phone calls with a pre-set message. If you want to say good morning or hello, open the Yo app and then tap "Yo". That's it.

Matt Gray and Tom Scott, the creators of Emojli, have claimed their new app isn't a satire. It's not even a spoof on Yo or other radically simple messaging apps. In fact, Emojli is a serious app that will launch soon for iOS devices. It is expected to release for other platforms sometime later. Whatever platform it eventually lands for, the basic idea will remain the same: no words or spam...just emoji.

Emojis are the ideograms or smileys used in electronic messages and webpages. They originated in Japan in the late 1990s but are used all around the world today. Although emoji is used much like ASCII emoticons, there are many more variants and standardised characters available. In addition, support for emoji is often built into high-end handsets and computers. Apple's OS X and iOS platforms, for instance, recognise emoji.

Check out the video above for information about Emojli. If you'd like to reserve your username for the app straightaway, go to the Emojli website. The creators said your username must be composed of emojis. Just copy and paste any combination from desktop or use emojis inputs from your mobile device.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.