It's amazing really that autocomplete hasn't arrived for keyboards sooner. While it's useful on limited touchscreens for speed, imagine how fast it could make real keyboard typing? Now it's coming to Chrome so you can see.

An extension for Google's Chrome browser called Complete has been announced. As the name suggests this will complete words for you before you've typed them to speed up input.

This will work by suggesting the word as you type, then by hitting ctrl and spacebar, enter, or tab, that word is completed.

Initially Complete will work only within Gmail. It will work much in the same way that Swiftkey does, learning how and what you type in Gmail in order to make accurate predictions with its natural language processing smarts. This is clever enough to see what's been typed within a sentence or paragraph to make better predictions of what could be coming.

Complete will be available in the coming days. The company behind it, Swayy, plans to launch for Facebook, iOS and Android in the future.

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