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(Pocket-lint) - Move over Flappy Bird. There's a new winged creature in town, thanks to a surprisingly powerful app from Epic Games. And it's poised to become the next craze among mobile gamers.

North Carolina-based Epic Games is a development company well-known for its Unreal Engine technology as well as video game franchises like Unreal and Gears of War. And now it has introduced a side-scroller that piggybacks on the Flappy Bird phenomenon. The game, called Tappy Chicken, only recently released and lets you tap on the screen to make a small chicken fly. You must navigate the chicken through and around wood posts.


But Tappy Chicken is more than just a copy-cat app. It is actually a great show case of Epic Game's Unreal Engine 4. Not only is it one of the first video games created on the technology - but it is the first Unreal Engine 4 game released for Android and iOS devices and HTML5 web browsers. According to the app's description, one artist, with no traditional programming skills, built Tappy Chicken using Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint visual scripting.

The app features 2D style visuals, an "easy-yet-hard-to-master" gameplay, support for Game Center and Google Play leaderboards, and extra Tappy Chicken content. It's also open, meaning developers can easily modify and extend Tappy Chicken. In fact, the app's engine technology code is available through Unreal Engine's website.

“UE4 makes it easy to create a cross-platform game, abstracting away platform-specific details and letting you focus on making a game,” said Epic’s Michael Noland via a company blog post. “Tappy Chicken handles touch, mouse, and controller input, and can run on any supported platforms, even the consoles."

You can download Tappy Chicken right now. Check out the promo video above for more information.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.