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(Pocket-lint) - There's a new device now available for pre-order called Soundhawk, and it brings hearing aid-like functionality into the modern, mobile world.

Soundhawk just unveiled today. It is a "smart listening device" designed to help everyone hear better - even people who think they have impeccable hearing. Described as the "perfect marriage of mobile technology and hearing science", Soundhawk features adaptive audio processing that is capable of cutting through background noise and elevating the sounds you want to hear.

The earpiece is 33mm in length, 9.5mm in depth, weighs 6g, and it has a grey colour scheme with a soft-touch finish. There's just one action button on the top that serves as a control for volume, pausing, or one-touch access to Siri or Google Now. There's also speaker grilles on the sides and an 8-hour long lithium-ion battery on the inside. Other specs include dual-microphones, silicone ear tips, and a Bluetooth range up to 33 feet.

soundhawk smart listening device acts like a hearing aid but looks like a bluetooth headset image 2

Speaking of Bluetooth, the Soundhawk could easily be mistaken for a Bluetooth headset. But it's really more of a hearing aid. It has dynamic audio that changes to your environment and supports voice commands for placing calls or searching what's nearby. It even offers programmable sound scenes, so you can access favourite sound settings for certain places. Simply tune your sound scenes with Soundhawk mobile app.

The Soundhawk app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, lets you actually tap your finger to hear sound differences in real-time. You can also scroll around to find a setting that is best for you. Block noise in crowded streets, loud restaurants, and busy meetings - but turn up the voices of loved ones next to you. And if you're worried about battery life, Soundhawk also comes with a charging case that gives you an extra 24 hours of use.

But that's not all: Soundhawk has a separate omnidirectional microphone too. You can clip the microphone to someone or just place it on a table. It will pick up sounds at or near a certain source and deliver it to your Soundhawk earpiece (the earpiece is called the Scoop). That means you can listen to television in the living room while cutting carrots in the kitchen. All of the Soundhawk pieces in the smart listening system come in either a dark grey or light grey colour.

"Soundhawk is on a mission to transform the listening experience simply and affordably so everyone can hear the world the way they want to. Founded by one of the world's leading hearing experts, Dr. Rodney Perkins, and built by former executives and engineers from Apple, HP, Amazon and Palm, Soundhawk is backed by True Ventures, FIH Mobile Limited and many leading entrepreneurs," explained Soundhawk on its YouTube channel.

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Watch the video above for more information. If you're interested in getting a Soundhawk straightaway, a limited-time pre-order is now available. The entire Soundhawk smart listening system will cost you $279, but that's $20 off the eventual retail price. Go to the Soundhawk website to order today. We've contacted Soundhawk to inquire about global availability and hope to update soon.

Writing by Elyse Betters.