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(Pocket-lint) - Mobile social network Path has split into two today, introducing a new app just for messaging. It's called Path Talk, and it takes the communication factor completely away from Path.

Path Talk has many cool features, but the most interesting one by far isn't even available yet. It is coming this summer. The feature, called Place Messaging, will essentially be able to make dinner reservations for you. It will also book hair appointments, get prices at stores, find store hours, check in-store availability, and more. And you won't have to place a single phone call.

The best part: Place Messaging works with every type of business. That's because Path also announced today that it bought a Boston-based company called TalkTo. According to a post on Path's blog, TalkTo has "spent years building software and a service team of TalkTo Agents". These agents work "hard around the clock" to get answers for you. They will make phone calls for you, wait on hold, talk to businesses, and then text the information to you.

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Amazing, right? Apart from Place Messaging, Path Talk will also feature something called Ambient Status. It lets you know when friends are in the area. It'll also tell what song is playing on your device, when you're low on battery, etc. Path Talk further offers quick replies, group chats, voice messaging, stickers, contact syncing, the ability to message songs, movies, maps, voice, and video, and much more.

And finally, you won't have to worry privacy issues. Path said all messages sent with Talk are deleted from the company's servers after 24 hours.

Path Talk is available to download right now from Apple's App Store and Google Play at no cost. We're presuming the app is US-only for the time being - or at least the Path Messaging feature will be. We've contacted Path for details though and will update when we learn more.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.