Yo. There's a new app called Yo. And it only lets you send friends a single automated message: "Yo".

We're not sure if Yo is inspired by Jesse Pinkman from the hit show Breaking Bad...or if it is simply a twist on Facebook's poking feature. Either way, the idea is extraordinarily simple. So much so that even the app's creator, Or Arbel, initially called it "stupid".

According to CNN Money, Yo has already racked up $1 million from investors. Arbel, who recently moved from Tel Aviv to San Francisco after quitting his co-founder and CEO position at a social investment startup, developed Yo after Moshe Hogeg, the CEO of Mobli, asked him to create an app he could use to quickly contact a personal assistant. The app would essentially replace tedious texts and phone calls. At first, Arbel dismissed the simple idea.

He eventually changed his mind however and came up with Yo. It only took him eight hours of coding. But that's not too shocking, considering the app just lets users interact with friends and contacts without actually messaging them. Described as a "single-tap zero character communication tool", Yo basically takes the work out of communicating. If you want to say good morning or hello, open the Yo app and tap "Yo". That's it.

"Yo is everything and anything, it all depends on you, the recipient and the time of the Yo," reads the app's description. Deep.

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Yo is available on Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store as a free download. You can grab it today and start yoing people straightaway. (Yup. "Yo" is now a present participle. You can thank Arbel for that.)