The future of anonymous online trade could be here, soon, in the form of BitCraft.

BitCraft, built by an anonymous developer, is currently online in a beta form where it allows users to find others nearby and trade with them, paying by Bitcoin.

According to Reddit user CiniCraft we can expect to see iOS and Android mobile versions of BitCraft arriving soon. The mobile platform is meant to be used on mobiles primarily, says CiniCraft.

Silk Road, which became a notorious drug-trading platform, was shut down by the FBI in October 2013. This mobile app sounds like it will work in a similar way, allowing users to remain anonymous thanks to the Bitcoin payment system. Although, obviously, their location will be available as it's needed to make any physical exchanges of goods. Unless, of course, a mutual near meeting point can be set anonymously over BitCraft.

Another similar trading platform, Open Bazaar, uses a third party money holder who releases funds once the item is marked as received by the buyer. Perhaps BitCraft will use a similar system to ensure fair trade.

It's very early for this platform but an exciting idea that we'll be adding greater details on as we find out more.