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(Pocket-lint) - FiftyThree's Pencil stylus for the Paper iPad app has added a new feature. It's called Surface Pressure.

Described as an "industry first", Surface Pressure will debut this autumn, alongside the release of iOS 8, allowing you to use Pencil at any angle. That means you'll be able to draw fine details with the stylus' tip or broad strokes with the stylus' angled edge. Surface Pressure basically enables you to shade, draw, and sketch away with Pencil, in various widths. Just change the way you hold Pencil.


"You can do a lot with the right tool. Pencil's tapered tip was inspired by the expressive richness of real pencil points, which allow creators to change the character of the line simply with the angle of the tip. Now with Surface Pressure, you'll be able to control many aspects of the lines you create based on how much of Pencil's tip or eraser surface is in contact with the iPad," announced FiftyThree in a press release on Tuesday.

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As you can see in the promo video above, Surface Pressure won't require any change in menu options or settings. You won't have to tap away to adjust widths or pressure sensitivity. Simply control the expressiveness of Pencil with your very own hand, all thanks to FiftyThree's smart hardware and software.

Pencil, which launched last year, has many other features beyond Surface Pressure, including palm rejection, fliptoerase, and blend. FiftyThree said Surface Pressure builds upon these features at no extra cost, unlocking "a new spectrum of expressive possibilities".

You can buy Pencil in the US and Canada at FiftyThree's online store or Amazon. It costs $59.95 for the Graphite version and $74.95 for the Walnut version.

Writing by Elyse Betters.