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(Pocket-lint) - As you probably know, selfies are big at the moment, and so are stickers, which is probably why instant messaging app Line has released the Line Selfie Sticker app for you to create selfie stickers when you are using your iPhone. 

Not being able to resist the temptation to look like an idiot, we've downloaded the app to try it out. 

The premise is simple and is best described by the company henceforth:

"Take a picture of your face and tap 3 times to create awesome and original stickers at lightning speed! Your friends will laugh their own heads off when you send them these hilarious stickers in your Line chats."

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line selfie sticker app creates pictures of yourself that you ll want to unsee image 2

Here's our attempt 

There are over 130 stickers to choose from, all free, and these range from turning you into a pirate, a millionaire, a wedding bride, a fashionista, spaceman and even a terrifying squirrel that makes the bear from Bo Selecta look sane.

line selfie sticker app creates pictures of yourself that you ll want to unsee image 3

Quack indeed

Once you've decided what sticker you want, it's just a case of taking a picture of yourself to fit in a marked out area and then the app does the rest.

After you've chosen which sticker design suits you best - sadly you have to decide before you take the picture - you then get to add speech bubbles and text.

When finished, all that's left is to share them with others. The app lets you forward selfie stickers to Line chats, use them as Line profile pictures, and post them to the Line Timeline with a single tap as you would expect, but you can also quickly share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your photo album and other places you probably shouldn't. 

Five minutes of fun certainly, and if you've got kids, then don't expect to get your phone back any time soon.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 10 June 2014.