Apps are everywhere these days, and if you happen to be lying on the beach at the Hillside Beach Club, on Kalemya Bay in Turkey, you'll be in for a treat.

Boasting a world's first (we haven't verified this claim), Hillside Beach Club has a Beach Order App - available for Android and iOS - allowing you to order drinks on the beach using your smartphone. 

You won't have to wait for the waiter to saunter paat as you lie gasping in the sun, you'll simply be able open the app, select the drink you want and tell the bar staff which umbrella you're lying under.

life s a beach… and then your app ordered mojito arrives image 2

There's even the option to customise your cocktail so you get exactly what you want, along with pictures and ingredients so you'll know exactly what that caipirinha contains.

The five star Hillside Beach Resort has a penchant for technology, offering tablets with free Wi-Fi for the airport transfer, as well as suggesting scenic points you might want to Instagram.

We're trying to find ways to get to this tech hotel to try it out. No such luck so far.