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(Pocket-lint) - London Technology Week is on the horizon and the Pocket-lint Tech Tavern is to open its doors in a couple of weeks, so all eyes are on the capital's plans to compete with tech industries around the world.

With that in mind, UK Broadband has timely announced a new service for Londoners called Relish that offers superfast fibre-style broadband, with unlimited data but without the cables.

There are four key services it will offer; home broadband, business broadband, mobile broadband (hotspot) and dedicated business internet. The company aims to keep its prices "transparent" and low, with no complicated set-up or delayed installer visits.

UK Broadband promises that, once ordered, a Relish service will be delivered and installed the next day. The dedicated business internet service (similar to a leased line) will be provided within 10 days.

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The service will use 4G LTE connections, utilising the bandwidth acquired by the PCCW Group in the Ofcom auctions. The group owns UK Broadband and other communications brands around the world, including HKT in Hong Kong.

Prices will start at £20 a month for home consumers, £25 a month for businesses. There are no fixed-term contracts or landline costs as the equipment receives its signals through the wireless 4G mobile data network.

Relish is available to homes and businesses in Central London now with plans to roll out across Greater London and other UK towns and cities in the future.

Writing by Rik Henderson.