, the music streaming service, lost its sole investor and died. Now the Tesco owned Blinkbox Music streaming service is offering a lifeline to users with a free trial.

Users who used to pay £1 per month for are now able to use Blinkbox Music for free. The offer lasts until 5 June and allows users to download 100 tracks at a time for offline listening on their mobile device as well as online. That also includes unlimited swaps for changing tracks, plus it's ad free. The service is usually £1 per week.

For the free trial users simply need to email to get setup. was a music service for iOS and Android devices and the web. It offered more than 200 radio stations and music discovery features, along with a library of 22 million tracks. Blinkbox Music, formerly We7, has a selection of 12 million tracks, works on iOS and Android as well as in browsers, and lets you create a tailored music station by using "love" and "loathe" buttons.

The free trial won't last that long but at only £1 per week it won't be too much of a shock to start paying if users do fall in love with the service.

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