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(Pocket-lint) - British Airways has launched a new version of its BA frequent flyer app with a brand new design and new features to make it much more akin to the iPhone iOS 7 interface and design.

The new app, which has seen a complete overall is now much more focused on your next flight, what flyer status you are, and generally being a lot more fluid and easier to use steers away from feeling like you are merely loading a mobile friendly version of the website.

Start up the app, login with your details, and you are immediately presented with a beautiful full screen picture of your next destination to get you into the mood.

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You now get full details of where and when, with seat details and status updates all there to be glanced at all set to a backdrop of some idyllic city scene.

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A scroll up with your finger reveals more details and the chance to choose your seat (for an extra fee of course) and other details including any other upcoming flights.

As you keep scrolling more information is show, like recent searches and deals of other return fares from other cities, in our case London.

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When you've finished scrolling you can reveal another navigational menu, which lets you do things like book a flight, check tracked flights or even view time tables if you are planning a specific trip.

The app keeps track of previous flights and for upcoming flights you can automatically add flight details to your calendar. It's very clever.

Having used the previous version for a number of years, it was clear the design was getting stagnated, especially against the clean lines of iOS 7. Now some time after the roll out of Apple's latest mobile offering we have an app that delivers a clean and functional approach while at the same time looking swish and stylish.

If you are a regular user of the app, you'll be very happy with the new approach.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android, and should be in the App Store in the next couple of hours. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.