(Pocket-lint) - You can now use your Square setup when there's no internet to be found.

Square, the company, which Twitter's Jack Dorsey co-founded in 2009, offers a mobile payment solution with software and hardware products, including Square Register and Square Reader. Both those products work together to accept credit card payments, replacing traditional card terminals and cash registers.

The Square Register app is useful not only for retailers but also for consumers who want to, for instance, sell stuff and earn money through a yard sale or maybe retrieve their loaned cash from a friend. The app however has always required a data signal or Wi-Fi. Starting today though, it's available offline.

Both the iOS and Android versions of Square Register have updated with the ability to accept payments when the internet goes kaput. Just do everything as you normally would, but make sure you re-connect to the internet within 72 hours to upload every stored transaction in your pending sales history.

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You'll also want to verify the cardholder's name and expiration date, because the app's offline mode, when enabled, can't detect non-active cards that'll get declined you eventually upload transactions. Square Register also lets you set price limits for offline transactions. The default setting is $100.

Download Square Register to get started today. The app is free.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.