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(Pocket-lint) - Foursquare has split into two apps - and its new app is now available on both Apple's App Store and Google Play.

The original Foursquare app let you find friends and discover places, but the company behind the app announced a new app called Swarm earlier this month. Foursquare said the Foursquare app would focus on discovery going forward, including personalisation, while Swarm would tackle friends and check-ins.

So this is what Foursquare, the company, hopes users will do with its two new apps: Open Foursquare to discover places to go, then open Swarm to check-in at the place they found as well as scout friends nearby. Swarm users can share their exact location or general location (such as the neighborhood).

Swarm also lets you broadcast to nearby friends, thereby enabling you to make future plans and meet up. Swarm further includes fancy features like insights about your life, including how often you check-in at a place, and stickers that you can attach to check-ins to express your mood.

As for mayorship, you'll now use Swarm to compete with friends instead of strangers. Thus, if your friend checks into a bar more often than you, that friend will be the mayor of that bar for the 60-day period. This setup means a place can have multiple mayors, because strangers will compete with their own friends.

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Meanwhile, the Foursquare app, for the time being, will continue to show mayors, but there will be no more ousting of mayors. The company said this will help make way for mayors 2.0 in Swarm. And finally, Foursquare announced it is working on a Windows Phone version of Swarm that'll launch this summer.

Swarm for iPhone and Android is free to download and use, starting today. Check out the screenshot gallery below for a closer look.

Writing by Elyse Betters.