Evernote must've thought business cards were outdated in our modern world, because it has just introduced a new scanning feature that'll make them smarter, give them context, and streamline your organisation process for them.

Not everyone still uses the traditional business card, but in some circles, especially in, well, business, business cards everywhere. It's easy to collect an assortment of these physical contact cards during social parties, work-related events, and even meetings, but it's never been easy to store them, organize them, and then find a specific one at a later date. Evernote and LinkedIn hope to change all that with new, deeper integration.

"Today, Evernote becomes an amazing business card scanning app. We’re happy to announce a deeper integration between Evernote and LinkedIn that enhances the way business cards are captured, displayed, and recalled in Evernote," announced Evernote in a blog post. "Benefitting from LinkedIn’s network of more than 300 million professionals, Evernote can now automatically build a content-rich note around every business card you scan."

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This is how Evernote's new feature works: Place a business card down on a contrasting surface, then launch business card mode in the Evernote for iPhone or iPad app, and aim your camera toward the card (line up the card within the frame). Voila! When Evernote recognises the card, it will snap a photo without needing you to press a capture button. At that point, Evernote will digitise the card, then connect it to LinkedIn, and make it searchable in your account.

For the first time ever, your business cards will have context. You'll be able to auto-connect to business card givers on LinkedIn, getting their profile info and photos, if you so desire. You'll also have the option to share your own contact info as well as save business card contacts in your address book. You'll even get to add recordings from your meetings or attach relevant documents to all your scanned business cards within the Evernote app.

Current Evernote users can connect their accounts with LinkedIn today to get a complimentary year of business card scanning. Keep in mind that Evernote's Business Card Camera feature for iPhone and iPad will normally be limited to premium paid users. It is also coming soon to Evernote for Android, and you should further see aspects of the feature in Evernote for Mac and Evernote for Windows Desktop when using the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner.