Google has begun advertising a Google Play Store sale called May The Fourth Be With You in honour of Star Wars Day.

Star Wars Day is an unofficial holiday on 4 May. It celebrates the Star Wars space opera saga and franchise created by George Lucas. Fans chose the date because it sounds similar to "May the Force be with you," a famous line from the series. And now Google is using the phrase this year as part of a limited-time sale on Google Play Store, where you can get deals on Star Wars-themed games, apps and ebooks.

A quick look through the sale shows paid apps like Angry Birds Star Wars II costing only 99 cents. You can also get the junior Star Wars ebooks for just $5.38 or the original Star Wars trilogy collection for $9.99. There are 27 deals in total available on the featured sale page.

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But Google isn't the only company celebrating Star Wars Day. Apple has a dedicated sale section on its mobile App Store as well, as seen below.

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