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(Pocket-lint) - For those of you who love to obsessively count down to events or days, there's a cute app for iPhone that's just for you.

It's called Countdown Keeper, naturally. And it launched on Apple's App Store earlier today. Described as a new lifestyle app, it allows you to collect all your "past, present and future events" in one place. You can count down to a birthday, for instance, or count up from your wedding day, whichever you prefer. The app's clock shows time in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Countdown Keeper is customisable and shareable too. You can add images directly from a built-in image library or your camera roll and Facebook. And once you've created a countdown event and added an image, if you so desire, you can share the countdown with SMS and email or other services like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, etc. And after the countdown event arrives, it switches to counting the time from that event.

"You'll love our app, if, like us, you love being organised! We wanted to create a simple way to keep track of every event, appointment and task in one accessible yet inviting place on-the-go," explained the app's developers in a blog post. "We’ll be using the app to keep track of the everyday things too such as exercise classes, work projects and car maintenance."

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All countdowns are organised into categories by month, type of event, or custom categories. There are several pre-loaded categories to chose from though, and you can even add notes, set alarms for deadlines, and edit or delete each event. Check out Countdown Keeper on the App Store for more information. It's free to download and use.

Writing by Elyse Betters.