Adidas has joined forced with Spotify to create playlists that are tailored to a user's run.

The #boostyourrun campaign is part of Adidas' push for its Boost line of running trainers. On the dedicated website users simply need to add their city, favourite running track, distance to run, and level of difficulty, then hit "Boost Your Run".

Users are then met with a playlist suited to their run along with a map showing a selection of popular running routes in their area to choose. After signing into Spotfiy the personalised playlist appears under the #boostyourrun name where it can be saved.

So the playlist isn't exactly built for the undulations of your exact run, but more a rough guide to what you'd like that's also upbeat.

We've contacted Adidas and Spotify to find out how exactly the playlist is made and will update the story when we have more details.

adidas and spotify team up to add route specific boostyourrun playlists to your runs image 2

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