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(Pocket-lint) - Similar to every other major internet company currently in existence, Yahoo just became a little more personal. Well, the Yahoo Mail app did anyway.

Yahoo has announced an update to Yahoo Mail for iPhone and iPod. The app offers the same experience as before, but now it includes "one-tap access to personalised, real-time information." For instance, when you open the Mail app, you'll have access to your inbox and a new panel of icons.

There are icons for Mail, News, and Today at the bottom of the screen, which let you access communications, news, information in a single integrated experience. Tap News to see a personalised news stream, or tap Today to see a snapshot of what you search for every day, such as weather or stocks.

Yahoo described its Mail app as "multi-talented" with a personalised stream. The new app also appears to directly rival Google Now and Bing.com. Google Now serves up relevant and contextual real-time info in the form of specialised cards, and Bing.com offers personalised data in its search experience too.

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The new Yahoo Mail is rolling out to the US App Store over the next the couple of weeks: "We're excited to bring you the latest version of Yahoo Mail for iPhone and iPod touch, and we hope you find it to be a simple way to access your Mail, news, and other information all within a single app," Yahoo explained.

By hopping aboard the personalised bandwagon, Yahoo is obviously exploring new and popular ways to grab your attention from Google and Microsoft (as well as keep you coming back for more, at least on mobile devices).

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 29 April 2014.