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(Pocket-lint) - The second screen TV companion app formerly known as Zeebox has relaunched with new features, a new look and, most importantly, a new name.

Available for iOS and Android, Beamly remains a second screen social networking application for TV shows, but adds a few more discovery features and ways to engage with the shows that you like.


The new name, says the team behind it, has been chosen because Zeebox no longer fitted the expansion of the original second screen idea.

"As our users asked us for more than just second screen features, we began to evolve beyond second screen experiences into what you might call a social network for TV, and our original name just didn’t match that evolution. We needed a new brand," wrote Simon Miller, chief of product and content development on the company blog.

"As a social network for TV, we wanted a friendly, all-inclusive name to brand a community of TV lovers whilst retaining our second screen beginnings plus, of course, it needed to be memorable, distinctive and available. We considered hundreds of names, hunted high and low and eventually the name that put a smile on our faces (and everyone’s when you say it) was 'Beamly'."

The new app, which also dispenses with the orange theme of the original for a more pink and purple colourfield, allows you to follow shows and celebrities, which includes news about them that appears in the home screen feed. One word of warning though, if you want to try the new app and sign up again, don't tell it you like Game of Thrones quite yet. At least until Season 4 episode 2 has been aired in the UK. You might get too many hints to spoilers.

Other features include the ability to find and follow other fans of shows, chat and sharing capabilities in TV rooms, and live interaction with programming.

As well as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android apps, you can also access Beamly online through its new URL: beamly.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.