The internet is abuzz because season four of HBO's Game of Thrones Season has finally aired, and one of the latest and coolest things to surface on the web is a social network re-imagining of the show's opening title sequence.

In the original title sequence, which introduces every episode but changes depending on the locations spotlighted in an episode, there is a three-dimensional, gear-like map of the show's world. And as the camera pans over that map, we see the House Stark, House Lannister, and House Targaryen rise up from the ground, among other things.

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But HootSuite, a popular social-media management tool and website, has recently published a YouTube video called Game of Social Thrones, and it replaces the Houses we have come to know, love, and even hate with new Houses. And you may recognise some of them. They're the Houses of Facebook, Google, and Instagram. You'll even see appearances from Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

It's a pretty nifty parody, actually. Check it out above, and then compare it to the original opener below, if you feel so inclined.