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(Pocket-lint) - Apple fans can rejoice today as VFXWarrior has released its Ultrakam app that allows an iPhone 5S to record at a whopping 2240 x 1672 resolution. That's 70 per cent more pixels than its native full HD camera.

The app pushes an iPhone beyond its usual 1920 x 1080 recording capability thanks to its codec use. Ultrakam will shoot in either H.264 (iFrame) or M-Jpeg codecs which both capture 4:2:0 full colour range at 20, 24 and 30fps. This means the blacks and whites are far denser making video more defined and clear, says the app's creators. The aim is to offer higher resolution with minimal compression.


"My vision is to create the most powerful tools for the next generation of content creators and to integrate mobile devices as a professional tool in content production," said Hassan Uriostegui, Ultrakam's developer.

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Ultrakam will work on iPhone 5S, 5C and 5 as well as the iPad mini and iPad 3. The resolution level and video quality is limited by each device's capabilities. The iPhone 5S is the only one able to offer full 2K video.

The app offers CD quality audio recording in uncompressed 44.1KHz Stereo Linear PCM format. It also supports slow motion video (at 1280 x 720) and has a time-lapse mode (at 2592 x 1936).

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Thanks to a 640 x 640 proxy in the player users can interact with and edit the 2K video smoothly right on the device. But the actual footage will take up a hefty 3GB per minute of full frame 2K video. Convenient, then, that these videos can be exported over Wi-Fi via any web browser on the same Wi-Fi network. Users can also move videos via iTunes file sharing as everything is saved to the device's camera roll.

Companion apps include Ultrakam Remote Control to work the device from another Bluetooth enabled iOS device, and Cinekolor for fine tuning video using its colour grading tool.

The VFXWarrior UltraKam app is available now on the App Store for £5.

Writing by Luke Edwards.