Tumblr has finally embraced two-factor authentication. The new option is available today within your Settings page.

"The smile of a loved one. Your childhood blanket. A handsome bodyguard to take you in his arms. 'Security' can mean a lot of things in this crazy life, but nothing says 'security' like Tumblr’s two-factor authentication," explained Tumblr in a blog post. "You know how you need two keys to launch a nuclear missile? Two-factor authentication works like that."

According to Tumblr, its two-factor authentication process requires your password and your cellular phone. If you enable two-factor authentication, you'll need both to access your Tumblr Dashboard. The security measure makes it difficult for hackers to access your Tumblr account because it not only requires your password but also a unique, single-use code that's sent via text or generated by an authenticator app.

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Tumblr, which is owned by Yahoo and subsequently helmed by CEO Marissa Mayer (an ex-Googler), recommended using Google Authenticator for iOS and Android as an authenticator app for generating a single-use code. Check out Tumblr's dedicated page for information about how to set up two-factor authentication and log in through apps or the web.