As promised, Threes is now available on the Google Play store for Android devices.

Described as a "tiny puzzle that grows on you," the number app originally launched on iOS for $1.99. The Android counterpart, which developer Hidden Variable Studios teased via Twitter earlier this week, carries the same price tag as the iOS version.

According to an info-graphic chart from Hidden Variable Studios (below), 46.99 per cent of Three's players live in the US, while the UK accounts for 5.42 per cent. Interestingly, the app's piracy rate in China is 93 per cent, and worldwide players spend 20 minutes in an average play session.

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Features within Threes include an "endless challenge" from one simple game mode, as well as a cast of characters and a soundtrack. As an Android user, you can now experience all of these addictive features for yourself. Grab Threes on Google Play starting today.