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(Pocket-lint) - The producers of The King of Kong and Freakonomics have premiered a documentary all about 3D-printing startups and the explosion of the technology. It's called Print the Legend, and the trailer for that film is now available.

According to Directors Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel, and Producer Steven Klein, who spoke with Gizmag about the film, Print the Legend focuses on the rapid growth of 3D printing and includes executive interviews from related companies like MakerBot, FormLabs, Stratasys, and 3D Systems. But the film also features many themes centred around capitalism.

Specifically, the narrative delves into the personal struggles involved in growing any company, the challenges that anyone faces in trying to turn their passion-driven idea into a sustainable business, and of course whether bio-printing and metal printing can affect our lives in the immediate future.

Print the Legend debuted on 9 March at the SXSW 2014 film festival with the following logline: "3D printing is changing the world. Print the Legend follows the people racing to bring this hot new technology to your home, documenting the 'Macintosh Moment' of this revolution and exploring what it takes to live the American Dream."

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As you might have heard already, 3D printing is changing the world while simultaneously taking it over. It's a technology capable of many things - from printing guns to printing human organs. But it's also capable of bringing down the world's industrial infrastructure, because it allows for home manufacturing, thus making 3D printing the "next Industrial Revolution".

Print the Legend follows the early success stories of 3D printing, as well as some of the struggling ones, and it tackles the dangers of 3D printing by highlighting both major players and disruptors in the industry. But enough with the descriptions, just check out the film for yourself. The video above is the new trailer for Print the Legend, which is playing all week long at SXSW.

Writing by Elyse Betters.