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(Pocket-lint) - Just when you thought social networks couldn't find originality anymore along comes Livr. This social network uses a smartphone breathalyser attachment and only allows you to login when you're drinking.

Of course, in spite of the great idea and inspired name, this may face issues about responsible drinking. A Facebook drinking game was pulled a while back after someone died playing it.

Unlike other social apps Livr aims to help people have a good time without the worry of being publicly exposed. Everything stays within the app to share with fellow drinkers, and if it all gets a bit too messy there's a Blackout button to reset everything as if you were never there. Or if it was a good night there's a "Send morning after report" option to share with others.

Once in the app there are various sociable games on offer. Truth or Dare allows people to set dares and also take part in carrying them out. Presumably this involves video or photographic evidence. Drunk Dial is exactly that and randomly connects you to another user for chat. Then there's Hot Spots which shows areas on a map that have drinkers with circles darkening in colour depending on how drunk they are. Finally there is a section for drinks deals in the nearby area and after hours places that are still serving.

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The app is due to be released in the spring. Whether it will be free or not isn't clear but presumably you'll need to buy the breathalyser. Livr will be available for Android and iOS.

Writing by Luke Edwards.