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(Pocket-lint) - Yahoo has added more than 75,000 indoor venue maps powered by Nokia's Here mapping service - in an effort to both improve its maps offering and better rival Google Maps. These venue maps are now live on maps.yahoo.com.

Nokia's Here captures, cloud-stores, and serves up location content such as road networks, buildings, parks, and traffic patterns. Additionally, as of last summer, Here had maps in nearly 200 countries and indoor maps available in 45 countries. It also offered voice guided navigation in 94 countries and live traffic information in 33 countries.


Yahoo has now integrated Here's indoor venue maps for places like shopping malls, travel interchanges, and sports stadiums. This integration will allow Yahoo's Maps users to see inside venues, as well as map their routes indoors, find facilities like cash machines and toilets, etc. According to Nokia, its venue maps on Yahoo Maps have also received Yahoo’s "purple and lilac livery".

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Indoor venue maps have been available on Google Maps for a while, though Nokia's Here has only offered them since 2012. However, Nokia has added roughly 71,000 venue maps in the last two years and claims to add 1,000 new venues every three months.

Writing by Elyse Betters.