File transfer service WeTransfer is expanding past the web and on to mobile with a new iOS app, enabling users to send multiple high-res photos and videos, without the need for a sign-up process.

We've all been in the situation before where we want to send media quickly, and WeTransfer wants to accomplish this. 

WeTransfer will let you move up-to 10GB of images and videos for free, accessing your camera roll to send over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

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The app is simple: double tap to select multiple items, double swipe to scroll between months, and tap and hold to preview photos and videos. Media is sent over email. And you could probably send a photo or video out in under ten seconds.

wetransfer s iphone app will let you send big photo and video files in seconds image 2

Since most email services limit file sizes, WeTransfer's 2GB limit comes in handy. WeTransfer also has a website that doesn't require a sign-up: you simply need a friend's email, your email, media and a simple message.

While other solutions like Dropbox are good for long-term storage, WeTransfer is one of the simplest ways to send large volumes of media, quickly, we’ve come across.

It's available on the iTunes App Store.