You'll soon no longer be able to use your Google or Facebook credentials to sign into Yahoo's suite of online services, Yahoo has confirmed to Pocket-lint in a statement.

Reuters reported that Yahoo wants consumers to start accessing its products - such as Flickr - with Yahoo credentials only. It plans to gradually start implementing this goal by requiring users to register for a Yahoo ID before they login to a Yahoo service. A Yahoo spokesman told Pocket-lint that the change would allow Yahoo "to offer the best personalised experience to everyone".

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, has announced several similar and broad-sweeping changes since she took over in 2012 in an attempt to bolster revenue and interest in the company. Last year, for instance, Yahoo cleaned house by freeing up ID accounts that had been inactive for at least a year. Deleting inactive IDs allowed active Yahoo users to grab "short, sweet, and memorable" IDs, Yahoo said at the time.

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Mayer, an former Google executive, probably wants Yahoo products to stand independent of Google and Facebook. Plus, having a Yahoo ID might encourage some users to try more Yahoo services, and Yahoo will be able to better track and personalise the Yahoo experience for those users. Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'Em - a service for March's NCAA college basketball tournament - will be the first Yahoo service to require Yahoo credentials.

Coupled with the removal of Google and Facebook login support, Yahoo said sign-in buttons for Facebook and Google would soon be removed from all Yahoo products and services as well.