Technology has brought us a long way since the days Jesus walked the earth. Back then turning water into wine was a miracle but now it's just a matter of dropping cash on a new device called The Miracle Machine.

This invention, headed for Kickstarter soon, will literally turn water into wine. But, of course, it requires a few ingredients to help the miracle along. Yeast, grape concentrate and finishing powder are all needed along with the water - that and a few days to let the machine do its thing.

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The Miracle Machine is also connected to the internet and allows users to check the wine's status using a dedicated app. The app also offers shopping options for different ingredients for future wine concoctions. There will also be a low-cost monthly "wine club" where, for $10, users are sent ingredient kits to make a bottle of wine a week.

So is this worth buying over a good bottle of pre-made wine? If you think $500, without the ingredients cost, is fair then it's the miraculous device for you.