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(Pocket-lint) - Seene is an iPhone app that lets you capture, share, and browse 3D photographs - and it was just named the UK's most innovative mobile company on display at Mobile World Congress.

The app, which doesn't rely on specialised camera equipment but rather sensors to capture 2D photographs with extra depth data, lets you capture and manipulate an object or subject in real-time...and in 3D. Specifically, it captures a photo with the iPhone's accelerometer, and then renders a 3D structure. You can rotate your iPhone to view the structure at different angles and alter the perspective of the image.


"Taking a seene on your phone is simple. Point your phone at your subject and move around it to capture from different angles. Your progress is overlaid on top of the video feed, and your seene will build automatically upon completion. See around your subject by rotating your phone in your hand," explained Seene via its app description. 

Seene basically plots points on your subject, and then uses parallax to determine the subject's location in space when you move your iPhone around. It finally calculates the depth of the object based on how it is warped when you move your iPhone around. The team behind Seene eventually wants the app to capture a full 3D photograph for 360-degree viewing. It's also developing a Seene app for Android, according to BBC.

The Seene app is free on Apple's App Store and requires an iPhone 4S or newer, though iPhone 4 users can view Seene photos. Other features within the app include the ability to share photos on Seene's website, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also find, follow, and interact with other Seene users or embed a Seene photo into Tumblr. Seene supports desktop web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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In addition, shortly after Google's Project Tango unveiled, a new initiative that includes a 5-inch phone equipped with hardware and software designed to track full 3D motion and create a map of the environment, the Seene team said it couldn't wait to see the results of its app when used with Project Tango. It is not clear if Seene is one of the 200 developers hand picked to receive a Project Tango device, but we've contacted Seene for clarification.

Writing by Elyse Betters.