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(Pocket-lint) - Mark Zuckerberg has said that Facebook wants to create a 911 style service for the internet to allow people to access services like social networking, messaging, and search for free to people around the globe.

"We want to create a similar dial tone for the internet to 911 in the States," Zuckerberg has told an audience at Mobile World Congress including Pocket-lint.

The idea would work in the same way as the US emergency services whereby you can phone 911 in America to get fire, police or health help.

"They are all cheap, all mostly text based so low on data bandwidth making them perfect for people worried about the cost of data," explained the Facebook founder.

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Zuckerberg is hoping that mobile phone networks around the world will sign up to work with Facebook to see how it can expand the goal of Facebook and the internet.org programme.

The Facebook CEO says that he hopes that once the basics are done you could easily start looking at weather, Wikipedia and other things as well as rolling out the capabilities to every mobile operator across the world.

"I hope we can connect more than a billion people a lot quicker than 2020," added the CEO.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 24 February 2014.