SwiftKey has confirmed that its smart keyboard will be available for the newly announced Nokia X Android smartphone.

The new Nokia device runs on Android, bringing with it some of the benefits of the wider Android ecosystem and with SwiftKey being one of the top apps on Google Play, it's great to see it coming to Nokia's new device.

"The deal will enable SwiftKey to faster penetrate emerging markets while offering Nokia X users best-in-class input technology and extensive language coverage," SwiftKey told us in a statement.

"We are proud to be a part of this next stage in Nokia's journey and we are excited to bring SwiftKey's personalised, adaptive technology to as many users as possible."

SwiftKey is a smart keyboard that uses a predictive natural language engine to not only correct mistakes in text entry, but also guess what you're going to say next. It speeds up text entry on mobile devices and we think it offers one of the best mobile keyboard experiences you can get.

The Nokia X family, comprised of the X, X+ and XL, is pitched at emerging markets, offering an affordable device with access to some of the advantages a smartphone brings.

The SwiftKey for Nokia X app will bring with it SwiftKey Cloud, allowing users to back-up their language profile, as well as three themes so Nokia X owners will be able to customise the keyboard to their preference.

SwiftKey for Nokia X will be available from the new Nokia Store in Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Kenya, UAE and Kuwait, Philippines, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Oman, Qatar, Poland and Turkey, which launches today.