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(Pocket-lint) - Music Inc is a new free game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices that focuses on the business strategies of running a music label or band management company, helping to show the effects of piracy while offering a light and interesting casual gaming experience.

Made by UK Music, the Intellectual Property Office and Aardman Animations, the app allows you to take control of signed artists' careers, including song writing, styling, recording, releasing songs and more. You can choose to release their efforts on physical media, as digital downloads and/or on streaming services.

Each of these has a different effect on how much a hit will be pirated, which is then presented in a graph alongside the legitimate sales. Not only will this affect your profits in the game - which you want to reap to grow your artists' skillsets and therefore make better records to sell more units - but it also exposes just how much of a problem piracy still poses to the real music business.

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"The UK has a world leading music industry with globally recognised artists, something we should be proud of. But getting the protection of their work, and its value right, is vital for a vibrant and successful future," said Lord Younger, Minister for Intellectual Property.

"Young people have an important role to play in this success. We must make sure they understand and respect copyright. Music Inc is an exciting and engaging collaboration with UK Music and Aardman Animations that will help capture their imagination and encourage them to think about copyright and its importance to the creative industries."

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Music Inc is available to download now from iTunes and Google Play for their respective devices.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 10 February 2014.