(Pocket-lint) - Flappy Bird has spread its wings and flown away.

Creator Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from the App Store and Google Play on Sunday, after its rise to popularity in early 2014 thanks to its addictiveness. The indie developer cited too much stress as his reason for removing it. 

Never fear, other developers are already taking advantage of the situation with their own Flappy Bird alternatives, climbing through the ranks of the app marketplaces. There are hundreds of other options available, but we've rounded up our top favourites.

Clumsy Bird

Available on Google Play for Android devices, Clumsy Bird wants to take on Flappy Bird's legacy with better graphics and a change in scenery.

Clumsy Bird uses an Angry Birds look-alike character to navigate through a forest because the "bad dragons" have stolen the Clumsy Bird's "precious" eggs. You must escape unharmed.

Iron Pants

Iron Pants is rising the quickest on the charts of the App Store and Google Play. Using one-touch control, one hero and one goal, you must guide Iron Pants to overcome obstacles.

It uses the same physics as Flappy Bird, except with a flying man through the air instead of a deranged bird.

Fly Birdie

Using the same bird concept as Flappy Bird, Fly Birdie is a rip-off of the original - and we really do mean rip-off. The goal is to just "tap tap tap and make the birdie fly" without hitting obstacles. It's not as visually appealing as Flappy Bird, and it was a little easy, but if you're on iOS and miss the feeling of flying a bird through the open air, it may be for you.

Tiny Bird

Fly a bird from your wrist! Tiny Bird takes itself on to the Pebble smartwatch as a Flappy Bird alternative. In black and white, the app is available from the new appstore found on the Pebble app on the App Store and Google Play.

Flappy Wings

With a bird that defecates and makes noises when it hits an obstacle, Flappy Wings says it offers better gameplay than Flappy Bird "with an improved formula". It uses simple controls and a catchy soundtrack to try to be the premiere Flappy Bird alternative on Android.

Or just spend too much money on Ebay

If you really miss the real Flappy Bird, there are several people on Ebay that are willing to take your money. A quick search for the app will reveal several different devices - including the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S - with Flappy Bird installed.

It won't be a cheap endeavour to buy a pre-loaded phone through eBay, set to cost you $750 to $1,200. A quick glance through the pages reveals there are several people either rich enough, or obsessed enough, to make a bid.

Of course, if you were lucky to grab Flappy Bird on your handset before it was removed, it will remain on your handset until you reset its software.

Flappy Bird lives on in spirit.

Writing by Jake Smith.