Foursquare wants you to do more than just check-in to places with its app. It wants you to order food.

Foursquare has announced a new partnership with GrubHub Seamless that lets you browse and order from more than 20,000 GrubHub Seamless restaurants in hundreds of cities across the US. All without leaving the Foursquare app.

GrubHub Seamless is a mobile and online food-ordering company with a catalogue of more than 26,500 take-out restaurants in roughly 600 US cities and London. It is comprised of two formerly separate companies, called Seamless and GrubHub. They merged in 2013.

Keep in mind that Foursquare currently lets you check-in to restaurants after ordering from This GrubHub Seamless integration is different, because it lets you order take-out from within the app. All you have to do is find a local restaurant in Foursquare, then tap the GrubHub or Seamless icon, and select "order delivery".

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Foursquare's new take-out feature is available on iOS, Android and Foursquare's web app, starting today. There's no word yet whether the service's Windows 8 app will receive a comparable update.