THX has released its tune-up app for Android users who own THX sound systems. It was previously available only to iOS users.

THX tune-up is an app that lets you adjust your TV, projector, and speakers. THX is touting the app's ability to help you "get the most out of your home entertainment system" - especially with the Winter Olympics and NFL Super Bowl XLVIII just around the corner.

Features within the app include custom video test patterns, photos and tutorials, special audio tests and the ability to check external speakers to confirm they are working properly for a 2-channel stereo or 5.1 sound system.

To use the app, you just need to connect your mobile device to your TV or AVR. Then you'll need to locate the adjustment buttons on the remote control and follow the set-up instructions within THX tune-up.

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THX tune-up is available to download from Google Play from today, free of charge. That's the launch price until 3 February, and then it will go up to $1.99.