King, the developer of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and other mobile games with "Saga" as a suffix, is already a hair's breadth away from successfully trademarking the word "Candy", thereby giving it licence to legally challenge other games on iOS and Android that trade with that word in the title. Now it is going after the word "saga" too.

And as part of its clampdown on games titles featuring either word, it has made a legal challenge to the trademark application by Stoic for its Viking-based role-playing game The Banner Saga.

Although the game bears no relation to King's own properties - which are free-to-play puzzle games first and foremost - and is available only for PC at present, that hasn't deterred the mobile development studio from filing a notice of opposition with the US Patent and Trademark Office against Stoic's use of the word.

King claims that because it uses the word saga in 13 trademarked titles, Stoic's unrelated game in theme or, even, platform is "likely to cause confusion or to cause mistake or deception... resulting in damage to Opposer". The "Opposer" in this case is King.

In King's defence, the outstanding success of Candy Crush Saga and other games in its line-up has prompted a myriad clones to flood app stores for iOS and Android. However, to claim that The Banner Saga is "deceptively" similar to King's own games is like claiming that sausages are deceptively similar to vegan flapjacks, just because they are both foodstuffs.

Stoic is not able to comment on the legal matters and King is yet to respond to a request by Kotaku.

We suspect this "saga" will drag on.