Las Vegas has stepped into the 21st century, with two casino hotels now accepting Bitcoin in exchange for accommodation.

The Golden Gate and The D will now accept the virtual currency, though only at their front desks. Guests can use Bitcoin to pay for hotel rooms, meals, gifts and other services but they cannot gamble with it.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board told the Associated Press that Bitcoin has a long way to go before casinos can accept it as legal gambling tender. That's because gambling is an intensely regulated industry and the Board would need an "extremely high level of comfort with virtual currency" in order for it to approve Bitcoin's widespread use.

Despite the Board's opinion of virtual currency, a co-owner of The Golden Gate and The D announced in a press release that the hotels agreed to accept Bitcoin after several customers had asked about it in recent months.

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Consequently, the hotels - located on Fremont Street, a famous section of Old Vegas - have kick started the warming-up to Bitcoin process. They will convert all Bitcoin payments into dollars, but only because the virtual currency still experiences severe fluctuation.