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(Pocket-lint) - DoubleTwist has released an iTunes Radio Recorder app to Google Play, aimed at letting users save songs that are being streamed from iTunes Radio on a Mac or iOS device free of charge. 

The DoubleTwist app uses AirPlay to intercept the stream from your iTunes Radio jam session. So you'll obviously need an Android and Apple device for it to work.

If you're playing something in iTunes on your Mac or iOS device and want to save it for later, you simply select "dT Recorder" from the AirPlay device list to record. Given AirPlay is real-time process, if it's a 5-minute song it will take 5 minutes to record it on to your Android device through the DoubtTwist app.


Once the recording is finished, you'll have it saved forever and accessible as a file that can be taken anywhere. The app is free, but there is an optional in-app premium upgrade to get higher-quality recordings in an AAC VBR format for $4.99.

DoubleTwist has been considered the iTunes of Android for many years, allowing users to sync music from their desktop to Android device through iTunes-like software. Now it looks like the San Francisco-based company wants to take Apple head on by intercepting its stream.

We've asked Apple for its thoughts on the DoubleTwist app.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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