Popular image hosting service Imgur has launched its own MemeGen app for iOS users. The app encourages its user base, largely made up of Reddit users, to make their own additions to snarky memes.

The Imgur MemeGen app is available free on the iTunes App Store, and is actually very simple to use. Imgur gives users a selection of popular themes to choose from (more than 100), including the "Overly Attached Girlfriend", "Good Guy Greg", and "Confession Bear". Once you've chosen your favourite theme, you can add your own text to make a meme, save it, and share it with the social media world.

The app also gives users the ability to use their own photos to create memes, once again employing the same top and bottom text addition feature that is almost too easy to use.

The launch of Imgur's MemeGen app to the App Store follows a MemeGen tool for the web. It launched over the summer, creating a simple way for users to make memes after Quickmeme was banned from Reddit for using bots to vote up links.

Make sure to share your funny meme creations in the comments!

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